Where Are the 10 Most Beautiful Desert Landscapes?

The most beautiful landscapes are usually isolated and dry places. With a magnificent view of sand dunes and endless expanses of salt that reflects the sun. Of all the deserts in the world, this list includes only a few of the most stunning desert landscapes.


1. The McMurdo Dry Valleys

Although the McMurdo Dry Valleys are located in Antarctica, it is an ice-free area with 8 inches, or 200 millimeters, of precipitation annually. It is the most extreme desert on the continent due to the Catapatique winds blowing at speeds of 200 mph or 320 km/h which have the ability to evaporate moisture. The McMurdo Dry Valley is the closest analogue of Mars to Earth.


2. Valle de la Luna

Valle de Luna is located in Chile’s Atacama Desert. This scene appears after hundreds of years of floods and storms in the region. It is called the “Valley of the Moon” because of its moon-like surface of rock formations and vast sand dunes. The reflection of light from the salt formation gives Valle de la Luna a brilliant colorful glow of red, yellow, green and bright blue.


3. Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum in Jordan is home to Jabal Rum, amazing wildlife and rock formations. Wadi Rum is the perfect place for adventure seekers, especially Jebel Rum in Jordan because it is the second highest peak. Those who wish to explore Wadi Rum have the option of traveling through the desert on camel or horseback and camping under the stars.


4. Desert Pinnacles

Nambung National Park is located in Western Australia. The strange, finger-like texture of the Pinnacle Desert limestone creates an unusually mysterious image. Because of the movement of the sun, these formations cast eerie shadows across the desert. It is also home to wildflowers which add to the charm of the place between August and October.


5. Death Valley

Death Valley is America’s hottest and driest desert. Its diverse landscape with deserts that can reach 130 degrees, snowy mountains, and sand dunes of different colors make it a unique destination in the United States. Racetrack Playa features where one can find amazing moving boulders and the scenic Zabriskie Point.


6. Chebi sweat

The 150-meter-high sand dunes known as the Erg Chebi in the Sahara Desert are among the top attractions in Morocco. The attraction starts from the village of Merzouga on the outskirts of the Arg and the most popular way of traveling is trekking on camelback, which is certainly enough uncomfortable


7. Nazca Mitha

The Nazca Desert is famous for the Nazca Lines, dating from 200 BC to 700 AD. It was discovered in the 1920s by Peruvian Airlines when it flew from Lima to Arequipa. Lines between Palpa and Nazca. These are line drawings of stylized human figures, lizards, fish, llamas, monkeys, and spiders. The lines were never covered due to the dry and windy climate on the Pacific coast.


8. Sinai Desert

Located along the border between Egypt and Israel, the Sinai Desert is beloved by tourists not only for its religious history but also for its stunning scenery. The contrasting colors of the blue sky and golden sandy mountain provide a perfect picture of the scene. The desert is also associated with the Red Sea which is popular with divers all over the world.


9. Sossusvlei 

Located in the Namibian desert of Namibia, Sossusvlei is one of the popular tourist attractions. A sand dune area with a large mud bowl in the middle. The Tsawwachab River waters the plants that grow in the area. Desert winds shape dunes and change their structure over time. Every sunset and sunrise, the dunes change their colors giving photographers the perfect shot.


10. Salar de Uni

During the dry season, the salt flats give the impression of a never-ending white landscape, considering it is the largest salt flat. It is said to be even more impressive during the rainy season as the water reflects off the blue sky, creating a surreal landscape.


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