What Are the Top 10 Most Expensive Jobs in the World?

Hobbies are pastimes or activities that allow us to relieve stress and at the same time bring us joy. People spend time doing these activities and consider them almost a part of their lives.


But if money is never an issue and you are free to spend it however you want, you will be faced with a bewildering list of activities that most people hardly think of. will be available. Here are the top 10 most expensive hobbies that people like to do.


1. Yacht racing

The most expensive hobby in the world is yacht racing. In movies and music videos, speedboats are usually depicted as an excessive expression of wealth. Costs in the range of $30,000 to $50,000 are fairly expensive for quality powerboats. However, its price is limited by the Eclipse and yachts. There are some very large luxury yachts called mega yachts which cost around $0.8 million. Because of its great value, it encourages wealthy people to buy. In 2010, a businessman named Rowan Abramovich (Russian billionaire) lost his eye when he bought the mega-yacht Eclipse for $1.5 billion.


However, these precious boats were never used for racing. The J class is in demand and is not as expensive as a mega yacht. It costs between $10 million and $20 million which still isn’t cheap. When it comes to racing yachts, buying one is only a small part of the costs. It is not easy to buy, there are only nine in the world and this J-class yacht can cost around $3 million to maintain. The race cost about $8 million to prepare. This little bit shows you that this hobby is only for billionaires.


2. Artistic group

It is a must for every art lover to visit any gallery or art gallery in the city or buy a fine piece of art. It is one of the most famous hobbies in the world, and it also belongs to the most expensive. Some paintings by famous painters and sculptures by famous sculptors are sold for millions of dollars at auction.


An example of this is drawing. Salvatore Market. An oil painting of Jesus Christ was created by one of the greatest painters in history, Leonardo da Vinci, in the 16th century. It features typical Italian Renaissance art from the 16th century. In November 2017, the painting was sold to the Department of Culture and Tourism in Abu Dhabi for $450 million, making it the most expensive painting ever sold in the world.

Many billionaires around the world have adopted art collecting as a hobby, and are said to have spent millions to acquire it. The daughter of US President Ivanka Trump is known for her multi-million dollar art collection, which includes many expensive paintings. Purchased by US billionaire investor Kenneth C. Griffin, No. 17A and Interchange are the most valuable plates owned by a private individual with an estimated value of $0.5 billion.


3. Car collection

Most of the favorite toys for adults are cars and it is not enough to have just one. One way to turn your love of cars into a hobby is to buy multiple cars of your choice – known as a car collection. An exciting and expensive hobby because it comes with a huge cost. To prove that it is not for everyone, one only needs to check out those who have a passion for collecting cars.


In countries like the Middle East, royal families are known for their extravagant lifestyles made possible by their vast wealth. Some of the most expensive and largest car collections in the world are owned by some of the princes. In Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan has an insane collection of cars which are in the SBH Royal Auto Gallery. His collection includes 5 Bugatti Veyrons worth more than $1.5 million each.

Therefore, it is clear why this expensive hobby is a favorite among the highest paid athletes in the world. David Beckham, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Kobe Bryant all have impressive car collections. American boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. is famous for his ridiculous collection of more than 100 cars. 


4. Exotic animals as pets

A large number of people around the world keep cats, iguanas, dogs or even rats as pets. However, for some wealthy people, keeping these animals as pets has become vulgar. The mark becomes high and they adopt exotic animals as pets. Why not have an adorable Tibetan Mastiff instead of a dog?

Like celebrities, some people have this kind of hobby. Some celebrities have strange decisions in their choice of exotic animals – like Nicolas Cage who paid $150,000 for an octopus. Buying exotic animals is a luxury and some of them require monthly care and maintenance, which will cost you thousands of rupees. Mike Tyson was a retired boxer who particularly favored a big cat Bengal tiger, and owned three of them. The lion itself is not cheap and requires $4,000 a month to maintain.


5. Speed Boat

As the name suggests, this is an activity where you race your friends with a speedboat. Over the years, it has been established as the epitome of private and luxurious coastal travel, a reputation that has seen the boat featured in movies and music videos. However, these speedboats are so expensive that your favorite stars can only rent or lease them for music video shoots.


Only a rich person can afford to buy it. The standard price for a speedboat is usually $50,000. The best of speedboats has to be the remarkably fast (and overrated) cigarette boat. The appearance of the Cigarette Boat shows that his ship needs attention and that this game would normally cost $600,000.

Buying these boats is only part of his financial responsibility. Customizing them and adding additional features to improve your boat’s safety and performance will make your boat fully race-ready, saving thousands of dollars more.


6. Flying an airplane

A profession like flying is expensive as everyone thinks. However, you would be surprised at the cost of flying an airplane as a hobby. First and foremost, a certified instructor should give you a flying lesson. The average amount ranges from $7,000 to $8,000 and there are some cases where it can be higher than these figures. After a lot of expenses and hours of training, you will officially receive your pilot’s license.


Next in the hobby is buying an expensive plane. The standard price for an aircraft is usually $100,000 and more expensive options are available. There are additional costs such as maintenance fees, fuel, insurance and barn fees.


7. Travel around the world

As they say, “the best way to spend money is to buy experiences,” and few activities illustrate the phrase better than traveling the world. Traveling around the world is a great way to spend free time because of the sheer excitement that comes with discovering new landscapes, and it’s also a great way to appreciate the endless beauty of the world. An extended world tour can take years to complete and will take you to hundreds of different countries.


However, this sweet hobby can come at a great price. For decades, some have tried to save up to fund a large-scale world tour. A world tour that can take you to every continent around the world will cost no less than $150,000.

An endless logistical account of staggering costs. Travel and accommodation costs vary from country to country, country A may cost $100 and country B may cost $1,000. Countless factors control the total cost of a tour, from transportation to preferred destination.


8. Skydiving

When some people are asked what activities are on their favorite list, skydiving usually comes up. The exhilarating hobby of jumping out of an airplane makes it interesting for many people. After all, even though this hobby only takes a few minutes to finish, it is the most expensive hobby anyone can have. A skydive usually costs between $150 and $250 even if the jump only takes a few minutes. The number goes up if one decides to jump multiple times a day which can be over $15,000 for ten jumps a week.


9. Car racing

Of all the stimuli a man can experience, speed is the most interesting. This is probably why racing movies have millions of followers all over the world (Fast and Furious is an example). Driving a car is very mundane and boring at times. However, motor racing is a hobby that makes enthusiasts test the speed limits of their cars.


Car racing is an exciting and dangerous hobby that is chosen by many people all over the world. However, only wealthy people could participate in auto racing. The first hurdle that appears is getting a good racing car. The price range for a race car depends on a variety of factors including mileage, safety features, and specifications, to name a few. Prices usually range from $10,000 to $250,000.

Here comes the real money sucker: car maintenance. As you might have guessed, cars are pushed to the limit in motorsport, and apparently, some components are forced to wear out so they need to be replaced. This constant maintenance wastes a lot of money. The value becomes even greater when you choose to participate in controversial crash derbies.


10. Climb the mountain

Some people choose hobbies that challenge their emotional, physical, and mental resilience. Some professions are usually within the financial capacity of people. However, some require large sums of money to proceed. An example of this is mountaineering, which involves climbing the heights of tall mountains to reach their summit.


Also known as mountaineering, it is one of the most valued hobbies all over the world. Reaching the snowy peaks of the highest mountains on earth costs money and time. For starters, you need to be physically fit before planning to climb a mountain that will cost you at least $1,000. Specialized climbing equipment costs about $10,000. A permit is also required, issued by the local authorities and is not free. A permit to climb Mount Everest starts at $10,000. Throughout the trek, you will need to purchase medical supplies, food, and water as the trek lasts for several days. The average total cost is over $100,000 and does not yet include additional costs such as plane tickets.

Everest is still the favorite destination for all mountaineers around the world but it is not the most expensive peak to climb. Mount Sedley is actually quite expensive due to the remoteness of Antarctica.


Costing between $5,000 and $21,000, there are options for getting to the continent by cruise ship or plane, both of which are very expensive. The logistical nightmare involved in trekking this mountain is made worse by the freezing temperatures in the areas around Mount Sedley where it freezes constantly and the cost becomes prohibitive.

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