What Are the Top 10 Most Beautiful Cartoon Characters in Japan?

In this article, the beauty of Japanese cartoon fantasy characters will be presented. Honestly, no joke, Japan is really cute because of the cute Japanese cartoon characters who are as cute as children! Few characters are known only for their cuteness like Hello Kitty. Anyone knows that the anime and manga industry is very strong in Japan. It takes time for the artist to draw a kind of cartoon character because he has to think about it many times.


Here are the top 10 cartoon characters from Japan.


1. Hello Kitty

Sanrio, a Japanese corporation, invented the fictitious character Hello Kitty in 1974. This famous little girl was designed by Yolo Shimizu, who is also known as Kate Hoito in Japan. There are many children who thought he was a cat. However, Sanrio says that was not the case. The company describes her as a cheerful, cheerful girl with a heart of gold.


2. Pikachu

Do you watch Pokemon anime or Pokemon manga? If yes, then you probably know Pikachu. Its mouth is small and cute in size with yellow fur. This Pokemon is included in the creature.


Many cosplayers often choose Pikachu as the best outfit for their costumes. After Hello Kitty, I think Pikachu is the best animated anime TV series.


3. Rilakkuma

Rilakkuma is another popular cartoon character from Japan. ‘Enduring a relaxed mood’ is the meaning of Rilakkuma. He is a stress-free and lazy cuddly bear with two companions: Kiiroitori, a yellow cub and Korilakkuma, a white bear. His first appearance was in a Rilakuma Seikatsu (picture book) published by San-X Corporation.


There are many toy stores in Japan that sell Relakoma plush toys and some of them are huge! Rilakkuma will make you feel comfortable and relaxed in all you do. You can watch it on YouTube. 


4. Mario

Mario has over a million avid fans all over the world and that includes me! He grew up playing the addictive game Super Mario on Nintendo. Japanese video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto created Mario, an Italian plumber with a mustache and Mexican looks.


5. Afro canes

Afro Cane is an attractive rainbow colored dog. He does not communicate, but rather expresses his feelings through facial expressions. He is innocent, good mood all the time, honest and happy. He is attracted to sharp things that look like him. As he gets closer to things, his hair starts to look like those things. The designer who created this kawaii creature said he loves dogs. When he started working with the San-X Company, he drew several dogs, including the Afro Cane.


6. Doraemon

Who doesn’t know Doraemon? She is famous as Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks and others during the 21st century. It is a fact that many children love to read Doraemon series and manga.

Doraemon manga is probably the best manga series for Japanese children. Recently, there are free online games about Doraemon that are very addictive.

In other countries, some children choose to watch Doraemon rather than read. It’s like Doraemon’s fever for its popularity.


7. Totoro

Totoro, have you heard such a name or is it your first time? A charming and interesting character, gentle, lovable, gigantic, and silent. The character Totoro originated in My Neighbor Totoro, an animated film directed by Hayao Miyazaki in 1988.


8. Crayon Shin Chan

A fictional character popular in Japan and other countries. Also known as Shin Chan. In the anime series, it is funny to watch and read the famous manga. 



Do you know who Gigi is? GG is a colorful black cat and Kiki’s companion. The character appears in Kikis Delivery Service or Majo no takkyubin and Super Cute. It was shown in 1989 by director Hayao Miyazaki, one of the greatest anime directors. Hayao’s films always have something special about their beloved fictional characters. He smiles and is always distracted by something else. It’s great to watch a movie with your family and friends during holidays or on weekends.


10. Anpan Man

In Japan, Anpanman is considered the best character ever created even if you are not familiar with it. If this is your first time getting to know this character, it’s worth checking out one of the anime DVDs.

Anpanman series has 1000 episodes (Soreki! Anpanman). Anpanman commonly appears in sports, clothing, toys, and public transportation (JR Shikoku Train 2000).

Anpan Man’s Big Head was created from the idea of Anban.

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