What Are The 10 Types Of Most Famous French Fries?

10) Sweet Potato Wedges And Fries

French fries all totem pole ultimate picks. There are a lot of tasty potato fillings, but it just doesn’t quite measure up to the crunchy level we really want with our fries. It’s like a baked potato and becomes soft and fluffy when it cools. We’re not saying to eat these kinds of french fries, but they are far from a first choice.


9) Waffle Fries

On the other hand, waffle fries are the opposite of french fries. It looks cool but it’s not fun to eat. Confused with these French fries, what do they really want to be, a basket of French fries or a bag of ruffles? Apparently, it can’t be both, which results in a strange hybrid that doesn’t really work for us.


8) Sweet Potato Fries

We don’t despise these French fries, but we sure don’t love them. As the name suggests, it has a slightly sweet taste that we are sometimes here for and at the same time despise. It’s not their fault that they’re made from a different type of potato, however, since we don’t like them all the time, we’ve included them as an 8.


7) Crinkle Fries

Crinkle cut fries sound like a fun time. They’re heavy, thick, and have a nice crispy texture that makes eating these fries a little bold. Again, there is no bitterness like we look for in french fries , so they have to be eaten hot or they’re just crunchy. But it’s still a totally enjoyable French fries experience.


6) Steak fries

These potato chips hardly look like shredded French fries, but they taste great. It’s thick and sautéed, giving you the delicious crunch that’s missing from a Crinkle Cut. There is nothing really bad about steak fries, there are just better ones. So, steak fries – sorry.


5) Regular Fries

This is where it all began – french fries. Although it is a classic option, it is still better than the later versions and worse than the others. We put it in the middle of the list because standard French fries are said to be the origin of French fries. However, other than that, we can’t really criticize them. They are good. If you are wondering about the option for french fries , choose regular fries.


4) Belgian Fries

French fries may sound like an experiment , but it sure isn’t. It’s similar to steak fries in that it’s double-fried, but it’s also very thin, which puts it at the top of our list. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and strike the perfect balance between crunch and fries. They taste like you just gained 45 pounds, which is exactly what we wanted.


3) Small Size French Fries

Although they aren’t as crunchy as Belgian fries, there is definitely something crunchy about them. They may be thinner so you can fill a handful in your mouth, this may also be because they have a reduced volume which makes them feel less heavy and less full. Honestly, we’re not sure but we could have a bowl of these fries any day of the week.


2) Curly Fries

There is something very satisfying about these French fries. Basically, they are funny. Don’t ask us what they look like and who cares – we just love them! Moreover, it is crunchy and delicious on the outside with a soft filling perfectly balanced with flawless curls. They are amazing and you can’t change our opinion about them.


1) Garlic Potatoes

With garlic, sure, it’s a sell-out. Different types of french fries don’t stand a chance compared to garlic fries. Adding a small amount of garlic makes the fries so delicious, honestly, there is no other substitute for the King of French Fries.

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