What Are the 10 Most Common Ways to Avoid Car Accidents?

According to Driving Knowledge, the average number of car accidents in the United States is 6 million annually. Can you imagine? You might think that it is not really safe to drive or ride in any of the public transportation facilities these days. But we have no choice. We have to travel every day to reach our office or destination. For car enthusiasts, here are the top 10 cities to visit. And today, to give you some ideas and tips, we are sharing with you the 10 most common ways to avoid car accidents.


1. Don’t fall asleep while driving.

Make sure you get enough sleep before driving and only drive when you are ready and with enough energy to face the road. To avoid falling asleep while driving, try listening to some music to keep you awake, talking to your passenger, or chewing on candy. But if you’re really sleepy, it’s best to stop at a nearby station or a safe place where you can take a nap first.


2. Drive sparingly in traffic

Always remember this: stop, look and listen. Beware of blind spots, especially in rear view, behind windshield pillars or main road warnings. This includes intersections. If you are about to turn right, you should look both ways before continuing. Vehicles will suddenly appear out of nowhere, be careful when approaching busy intersections.


3. Be careful not to turn on the red lights

Before moving forward at an intersection during a green light, first count to three. Always look both ways and make sure no one is trying to pass at a yellow light. Be careful going into the semi-finals. Be very careful when driving with larger vehicles as some blind spots can cause you to not see completely to the right. If you can’t see the side mirrors of big cars, drivers can’t see you either.


4. Scan the area in front of you for 12 seconds.

Make sure to focus on where you are going for 10-12 seconds. If you are driving on highways, keep your distance from other vehicles as you can avoid them if you stop suddenly.


5. Childcare

On the road, always watch out for children and animals suddenly popping out of nowhere or inside parked vehicles. If you are going to a residential area with many children, drive carefully and slow down.


6. Avoid the tail.

Reversing is a major cause of accidents, so keep your distance from other cars. Drive early, so you don’t have to rush to get to your destination.


7. Always observe proper engine maintenance.

Always checking your engine can prevent any possible car accidents. Changing your engine oil regularly and making sure your tires are properly inflated can help prevent sudden stops or engine failure. Check out these 10 quick ways to improve the look of your car.


8. Always be careful when baking

Common ways to avoid car accidents: Always pay attention when backing up.

Collisions are common in the parking area, so keep your eyes peeled for cars pulling out of the parking lot. Do not rely on mirrors – while driving, look back over your right shoulder.


9. Always hold the steering wheel with one hand.

Minimize distractions in your car such as cell phone use, changing radio channels, music, eating, and most of all, keeping your hands off the wheel. A pothole, a smashed tire and strong winds can push your car into the other lane and cause a serious accident.


10. Be polite to other drivers.

No one can say “I own the way” or “I own the way” because no one else does. Treat others with kindness, treat them with respect. Do not be afraid to report suspicious and unusual driving activities to the police.

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