What Are 10 Most Dangerous Roads in the World?

Only the insane, the insane, and the overthinking should travel these roads.


Every year people die due to traffic accidents and this number reaches about 1.3 million. The World Health Organization has declared the year 2011 to 2021 the “Decade of Action for Road Safety”.


Accidental deaths can be prevented if driving is better. There are roads that really test the courage and skill of a driver, be it mountain drops, war zone roads or sharp bends.


Here is our list of the 10 most dangerous roads in the world.


10. Italian Stelvio Pass

There are many ways that seem more dangerous than they really are. But that doesn’t mean it’s okay to enjoy the alpine scenery instead of keeping your eyes on the road.

The clip is like a child’s writing and has more poetry than Helena Bonham Carter. So, never be foolish while crossing the Stellio Pass in the Italian Alps.

The mountain slope is so steep that it is uncomfortable to look down. The trail climbs for about two kilometers and there is only a low concrete barrier in the middle of this sheer mountain slope, which makes looking down no big deal.


9. The Karakoram Highway in Pakistan

This highway connects Pakistan and China at an altitude of 4,693 meters above the Khungarab Pass. The road in Pakistan is bumpy and worse, the highway is prone to floods and landslides. However, it is still a tourist attraction as it winds through some picturesque valleys along the ancient Silk Road. The government that built it called it the “Friendship Highway” even though 82 Chinese and 810 Pakistanis were killed during its construction, mostly by landslides.


8. Los Caracoles Pass in Chile

Steep, dizzying curves stretch across the Andes between Uspalata in Argentina and Los Andes in Chile. A desolate area at an altitude of about 3176 meters and the most terrifying part is the series of trucks that pass through this road and the road is devoid of any safety barriers. However, this route is also used by tour buses when it is not closed due to snow in the winter. Another convenient option is to travel by air or the Transylvanian Railway if they open their services.


7. Widowmaker in Great Britain

From 2006-2008, there were 34 serious or fatal accidents. That is why in 2010 the Foundation for Road Safety named this scenic country road from England’s Peak District the most dangerous road in Britain. Most of the fatalities are motorcyclists who enjoy the rural scenery and wide open spaces. However, the road’s treacherous twists and turns criss-crossed by stone walls and steep embankments make it more dangerous than it looks, and it has been nicknamed “The Widow Maker” by locals.


6. The coastal road in Croatia

The country has an average traffic accident rate of 11,650 annually, and there is no doubt that Croatia is on the International Road Travel Association’s list of the most dangerous roads in the world.

Speed and congestion are among the problems facing the Adriatic Sea, which is famous for its sharp curves that cling to the cliff face and the absence of safety barriers.


5. Guoliang Tunnel in the Taihang Mountains in China

Guoliang Tunnel in China’s Henan Province is a nightmare for drivers these days. However, in 1972, Chinese drivers who tunneled 1.2 kilometers along the sides of the Taihang Mountains proved fatal. During construction, some died and tunneling was carried out mainly with hand tools. It is 4 meters wide and 5 meters high. In some areas, there is an open ledge above the rocky cliff leading to the “No-Faults Path”.


4. Zoji La Pass in India

Located between Ladakh and Kashmir, Zoji La Pass is a mountain pass that looks like a dirt road through the western Himalayas. However, this road keeps the Ladakh community connected to the outside world even though it is often closed in winter due to heavy snowfall. This 9km route climbs the mountain to an elevation of 3,528m with no obstacles on one side and a compact rock face on the other. Certainly not for anyone who gets dizzy or afraid of landslides.


3. Death Road in Iraq

American planes bombed Iraqi trucks and tanks on Route 80 leading from Kuwait City to Basra. It happened in February 1991 during the first Gulf War when the vehicles were reversed, and 2,700 vehicles were destroyed, making the road in history the “Road of Death”. The exact death toll has not been confirmed and ranges from about 300 to more than 10,000. The war ended after images of charred corpses and charred vehicles spread around the world.


2. Bolivia’s Road to Death

Earlier, the Inter-American Development Bank called it the most dangerous road in the world. A road trip from La Paz in Coroico covers more than 65 kilometers even actor Charlie Sheen has to consider.

For adventurous cyclists, this road becomes a playground for them as it is indeed dangerous. Overcrowded local buses and trucks ply the road, sometimes killing 200 to 300 people a year.


1. Travel route from Jalalabad to Kabul, Afghanistan

Many of the methods are rated “most dangerous”. However, a trip on this 65-kilometer highway from Jalalabad to Kabul validates the true meaning of its snake in Taliban territory.

The dangerous side of this road has nothing to do with the rebellion. Two factors make this road dangerous: it is a narrow, winding road that climbs 600 meters through the Kabul Gorge Highway and Afghan drivers recklessly overtake fully loaded trucks.

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