20 Things People Buy But Never Use

Many of the items on this list serve a great purpose and are not necessarily considered useless. Instead, they make the list because they are more like one-hit wonders than daily drivers. People often buy them to achieve one noise that goes away quickly. Whether it’s fitness or a hobby, purchases are made to make people feel better about themselves (smarter, healthier, more responsible, wealthier, you name it). The only problem is that many of these things aren’t affordable for the average person, and you probably won’t feel good about wasting your money on something you’ll never use.
The solution is not to stop buying these items completely. Instead, make it a reminder of all the things sitting around your house, office, or car waiting to be used. Some of them should be used for the betterment of society in general. In addition, it can be helpful to slow down before you rush into making your next purchase (big or small). You can save a lot of money by crossing off a few items from your shopping list that you know you’ll never use. Here is our list… What’s on your list?

20. Reusable Shopping Bags

Reusable shopping bags are always bought with good intentions. Make you feel modern and smart. It’s as if you’re making a small contribution to the environment and doing your part in conservation efforts. Well, at least the thought is important. These are probably the most bought items that don’t get used because they’re tucked away in the back of the pantry, or they already occupy the hold of all the little plastic bags they’ve been replaced. California recently passed a law that charges more than a dime for every plastic bag consumers use, which is probably a better option than spending an hour looking for reusable shopping bags.

19. Fitbit

Fitbits are the latest fitness trend. Not only do they make you look smart and tech-savvy, but they also make you look great in terms of health and fitness. Even if you’re fat, wearing a Fitbit makes you look fit… add a protein shake and people will start to think you’re undergoing a drastic transformation. It’s one of those things that you buy because you hear about how they give you all kinds of feedback and accountability, but you don’t really understand how to use it, so you just give it up. Just wear to look or feel better. about yourself.

18. Adult Coloring Books

Adult coloring books are those things that you know you will never use but still think of picking them up and buying them whenever you see them waiting in line at the supermarket. The designs are unique, interesting and make you feel artistic just to admire them. This is exactly what they are designed for – they are a form of therapy. The idea is that people come home exhausted from a crazy day at work and grab a glass of wine and colored pencils to calm down. It seems perfect but no one does. If you’ve ever met someone who already had full color books, you probably had a second thought about their mental stability.

17. Blu-ray/DVD Players

It is probably one of the most bought Christmas gifts in the past two years. It’s not as expensive as a TV, but it makes a much better gift than a crock pot. Stylish and packed with features, it makes a very pleasant gift to receive. There is only one problem – broadcasting. That’s right, more people are streaming movies and shows via Netflix and Hulu, so DVDs and Blu-Rays now only serve as collectors’ items. Nobody really buys it unless it’s a movie or series that they’re a huge fan of. Not only are they a bit worthless, but they’re also hard to resell on Craigslist.

16. Journals

Everyone needs to buy at least one magazine a year, write just five pages in it and then put them in a drawer to collect dust. Before he appears again, another (beautiful) one is bought, this time with the specific intent of actually using it, but the cycle repeats itself. Journals are great for taking notes as well as journaling, but with the convenience of laptops and smartphones, notes are written more often than handwritten. Blogs are more interesting and require less manual work. It is not surprising that magazines have to look good or they will never be bought.

15. Alarm Clocks

Many of the items on this list can be replaced by smartphones. They used to be an important thing in every home and even every room. Nowadays, who wants to wake up to an annoying flashing bell when you can set the alarm on your phone to whatever song you want — or even better, just a vibration if preferred. Additionally, you can program multiple alarms to go off throughout the day, and assign different alarms to specific days. Some people cannot live without their smartphone simply because it also works as an alarm clock for them.

14. Designer Handbags

Perhaps this is because designer handbags are such a big financial investment that they are not often carried every day. Most women who own luxury handbags have more than one and rotate them for different occasions. This means that bags actually spend more time on the shelf than they are meant to be carried or serve the purpose for which they were designed. Also, it must be kept in pristine condition to maintain its value. Some women’s bags are professionally cleaned after each use, just like luxury cars or jewelry. Some may find this funny, but others may see it as hobby-style.

13. Fine Jewelry

It is common for every married woman to have a wedding kit consisting of a combination of engagement ring and wedding band that looks just like the matching pair. However, it is rare to see women wearing both. It is common for women to only wear their wedding band, an “everyday” replacement ring (just like an “everyday” driver), or not to wear it at all. This may be because they don’t want their hooks to collect dirt, they don’t want to lose their precious rings, or they’d rather put them away. Some fine jewelry (necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, etc.) is only purchased for one occasion, so it is rarely used.

12. Glass Cups

Glass cups look cool but are not practical. On a daily basis, you will most likely find yourself using a more convenient and shatter-resistant option like a plastic cup. Even foam cups are easier to use. You don’t have to worry about carefully washing, drying and storing these fine glass tumblers. What about coffee or tea? Cups are also the preferred choice. People give shot glasses as gifts and use them when guests come over, but they’re really not something to be pulled out on a daily basis. Once some of them were broken I decided not to replace them and just use plastic cups.

11. Calendars

You must feel bad for the calendar corner pins that pop up at the mall every year around Christmas and New Year’s. Their shelves are always full and they’re always running a huge clearance sale. And if you do end up buying an almanac, it is usually for puppies or nature scenes rather than the almanac’s intended purpose. Maybe you hang it somewhere in the kitchen, but never forget to turn the pages. How many times have you been to someone’s home or office where the calendar already shows the correct month? Scarcely.

10. Lotion

How many times have you bought a bottle of lotion and actually used it? Perhaps that’s why Bath & Body Works offers bundle sales. You need to buy five to get a good discount. This is because they know you will give up three bottles and lose the other two. One will get lost somewhere in your car, and the other at work. You will try to use it on business all the time as if you were taking care of your skin, but this bottle will only last you a year or two. Let’s face it, lotions only make great gifts but we rarely use them on ourselves.

9. Sports Club Membership

Gym memberships are also purchased with the greater intention of improving overall health and lifestyle. Everyone should get a gym membership because everyone needs to go to the gym regularly in life. You have thirty days, or opportunity, per month to use your gym membership. The only problem is that, in fact, studies show that only 18 percent of members who join a gym actually go to the gym on a regular basis. Obviously, your chances of maintaining your membership go up if you go with a partner, so here’s an idea.

8. Deep Fryers

Deep fryers only get used a few times a year unless you’re using them in a restaurant or you’re obsessed with making homemade brownies. Otherwise, they are incredibly difficult to clean and no one knows where or how to store the excess oil, let alone wait for it to cool so it can be added and disposed of. In addition, in the current diet rich society we live in, fried foods are kind of taboo. This is why deep fryers made a list of things that were bought but never used.

7. Planner

Yes, planners still exist. Have you ever heard of the famous Franklin Covey charts? They’re just ridiculously expensive planners, but they come with a full training program and system designed to encourage you to actually use the planner. The scheme, if you use it according to the program, is supposed to completely change your life. It’s very possible, especially if you’re not a millennial, but most people prefer to rely on smartphones for scheduling and planning. Besides, planners are pretty self explanatory, so why would you need a training program on how to use one? The answer is here simply because you probably wouldn’t.

6. Books

Have you ever been to a home or office decorated with huge bookshelves full of books? It is very likely that some of these books are still pristine with unpunched pages and covers in pristine condition. But no one admits to reading. However, most people will buy books just to read the first couple of pages before losing interest or the desire to buy another book. Some books only serve the purpose of a resource when they need to refer to something related to a particular topic. But you’ll find yourself going to Google before even opening the book.

5. Cameras

Cameras are another device that smartphones have replaced. Whether it’s a point-and-shoot or a high-end DSLR, cameras are underutilized these days. Smartphones are much more convenient and you can always count on having a smartphone with you whenever you need to capture those rare moments. They are always bought with the best of intentions…either to bring your child’s first achievement to life or to become a new and exciting hobby. However, photography is perhaps one of the most neglected hobbies because people find using a high-end DSLR camera more complicated than expected.

4. Coasters

Coasters serve a great purpose. If you have nice furniture that you want to protect, coasters will also look good. But how often do you let it out when you’re drinking a cup of coffee or a cup of iced tea? They make a great gift item and come in a variety of attractive designs, but this is another item that is often bought but never used. People throw it all the time, or lose one piece in a group of four and then no longer need the other three. It’s such a shame.. those nasty pieces of furniture.

3. Floss

I agree? Apparently, only thirty percent of the population floss on a daily basis. This means that for every ten boxes of floss purchased, only three will actually be used. How many times have you said to yourself, “I’m going to start flossing,” and then come back a few days later? Thread is often used as a substitute for thread when thread is needed but is nowhere to be found. Next time you’re shopping, don’t waste your money buying a new box of floss and stick with it.

2. Scented Candles

Scented candles can also do a good job of making your office or home smell great. They can also create a relaxing environment with a glass of wine and a relaxing bubble bath. No wonder companies are committed to selling “high-end” candles that cost an arm and a leg, expensive scented candles to stay-at-home moms, and trying to run a side business. Maybe you could take something from the dollar tree and use it the same way you would a $25 candle…just not as much use.

1. Supplying Craft

How many times have you gone to your local craft store and spent a fortune on a new hobby? Craft is not cheap. Whether it’s stamping or painting, you have to make a real investment. It’s probably best to limit your purchases as much as possible and give it some time to see if it’s a hobby you’ll do before you actually buy additional equipment. Often, craft supplies are not used and the hobby is given up very quickly. This is because people tend to think that they would rather buy something than make it…it would take less time and probably cost a lot less.

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