20 Holiday Destinations You Need to Avoid

If you’re an American, who doesn’t love the holiday season? There is nothing like a good vacation now and then. Being able to travel can be a dream but if you are not careful it can become a nightmare. Yes, America is probably one of the most traveled countries in the world, especially around the holidays. Whether it’s a nice little cruise, a scenic train ride through the countryside or even a trip to the Seven Wonders of the World, Americans love to take their time to travel.
However, not every vacation destination sparkles in gold, especially when dealing with loud, obnoxious Americans. So, let’s keep that in mind. If you’re thinking of vacationing somewhere new this year, here are some places on the planet that you might want to avoid if you’re looking for some peace and quiet.
The world’s top 20 holiday destinations have been revealed. But be careful; If you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle and escape your fellow Americans for some relaxation, these destinations are definitely ones to avoid at all costs.

01. Paris, France

Paris, The City of Light, with its unforgettable atmosphere, attracts millions of visitors every year. However, most of these visitors are Americans. Apparently, the divine cooking and huge art collections also deserve some appreciation. But, are you really going to enjoy it with the crowd of boisterous Americans attending the rides?
Let’s not twist it, you’ll love being able to stroll along the city’s gentle Seine, bordered by grand exhibition halls, centuries-old churches, and masses of neoclassical and rococo design buildings lined with luscious trees. It is higher than bright. Street Lamps The truth is, you may not enjoy the sights as much as you’d like, especially with some of the hangouts that attract rowdy Americans.

02. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

The tiny island of Bora Bora, no more than 6 miles long and 2 miles wide, is full of beauty. If you are thinking of making it your vacation destination, you should know that it is a magnet for American travelers.
You’ll be able to see the site of a dormant volcano rising in its midst and seeping through lush rainforests before plunging into an aquamarine inlet.
However, if you plan to stay alone and don’t want to deal with noisy noisy tourists, this may not be the best destination for you.

03. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The Great Barrier Reef ranks high on most American explorers’ bucket lists. This beautiful region hugs the east coast of Queensland, Australia. However, if this is where you want to make your vacation destination, you might want to hit the brakes. Since it is one of America’s favorite vacation spots, you may encounter loud and rowdy citizens who can put an end to your vacation.
Wherever you decide to hang your hat, it wouldn’t be fair to say that the Great Barrier Reef is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

04. Tokyo, Japan

“Lively” is the best word to describe Tokyo. As much as Japan has cell phones, Japan’s very big city is always bustling with cars – cars scurrying about in the streets, feet stomping on sidewalks, subways stumbling underground, and lots of annoying Americans. Make your presence known.
Yes, they are there. Tokyo attracts many Americans every year during the holidays. And the bright lights and loud signs of the city are not enough to drown them out. It is a city that thrives on growth and movement. There is no doubt that Super City will definitely make it worth your time. However, if you are looking for a vacation destination devoid of pesky Americans, Tokyo is not the place.

05. Florence, Italy

Nestled among the Tuscan mountains, this small town casts a long shadow through history. The powerful Medici family and influential artists such as Brunelleschi and Michelangelo hailed from here.
However, many Americans love Florence and take many vacations there. In fact, there is hardly a place where you will not run into someone. The city is known for attracting so many young American college students that you may find it overwhelming and unexplainable, especially if you are looking for some peace and quiet. You’re also visiting Florence for its beautiful twilight setting, Italian cuisine, and unparalleled romantic appeal, and not for the thronging of loud and obnoxious people.

06. Cusco, Peru

Cusco, recognized as the ancient seat of the Americas, is the birthplace of a long history that includes the rise and fall of the Inca Empire. This was followed by raids by the Spanish conquistadors in the early 16th century. Today, remnants of the two eras share the narrow streets of the city with American travelers.
Many of these ancient relics come with treacherous behaviors that can ruin your family outing. It only takes a day to get inspired by this major Peruvian city and all of its wonders, but at the end of the day, with obnoxious Americans all in one place, it might not be your go-to destination.

07. London, England

English writer Samuel Johnson famously said, “You cannot find a man, of any intelligence, willing to leave London.” It couldn’t be further from the truth. Many Americans not only make it their vacation spot, but also their home. If ever there was a place to escape pesky Americans, it’s London.
Living in London is nothing short of rejuvenating, and travelers find that one visit is not enough to experience all that this two-thousand-year-old city has to offer. However, you won’t be able to enjoy it all due to disagreements with the insufferable Americans you choose to avoid.

08. Rome, Italy

The city of seven hills, Rome, has a legendary beginning. Remus and Romulus – twin brothers born by a god of war and raised by a wolf – discover the Eternal City. However, they are not the only ones who discover the wonderful city throughout the year.
Rome seems to be a magnet for the obnoxious Americans who flock there year-round as their vacation destination. And though historians scoff a little at this impressive entry into the world, most travelers think there is something about Rome that charms, including the American tourist.
With that said, if you’re looking to go somewhere without those pesky Americans, Rome may not be your cup of tea.

09 – Nassau, Bahamas

The Bahamas appeals to the millions of American visitors who flock to its main capital each year with postcard-shaped assurances of beautiful coastlines and sleepy beach resorts. Of course, among the millions you have are some annoying Americans who visit the island every year.
The realism—a working capital, full of boisterous American travelers daily on cruise ships and a coastline that is sometimes less than flawless—is a bit unusual. However, the city still has its historical gems, and true happiness is none other than a yacht cruise. However, because of the hordes of angry Americans that can get in your way, you may want to find another island for your vacation destination.

10. Maui, Hawaii

Maui is not as big as the Big Island, nor is it as small as Lanai, action-packed like Oahu or quiet like Kauai. However, the island is attractive to annoyingly gassy Americans who like to spend all day on the beach. For many Hawaiian vacationers, Maui is ideal – get a taste of what the Aloha State has to offer, from imposing nature to amazing culture and history.
However, if you are planning your Maui vacation, you may want to prepare yourself for the unbearably annoying Americans that can spoil your vacation enjoyment.

11. Cape Town, South Africa

Yes, she’s sporty, trendy, chic, friendly… If Cape Town were a person, she’d be the rising young Hollywood star we all secretly want to be. Cape Town stands out as a wonderful city with one of the most amazing landscapes in the world. If you can enjoy the background and deal with a lot of American tourists at the same time, more power to you. If not, you may want to make other vacation plans.

12. Barcelona, Spain

It’s not a city you’d think would attract a lot of Americans, but it is. Barcelona truly embraces both the historic and the emotionally exotic. The preponderance of sacred churches and cathedrals in the city makes it a hot tourist destination. This coastal city seems to appeal to all tastes: adventurers, culture vultures, couples, backpackers and families, not to mention that there is a wealth of things to do. You’ll probably want to stay for a few days, but odds are you’ll need a full week of sightseeing, especially if you’re trying to avoid those obnoxious, loud Americans.

13. Sydney, Australia

Welcome to the land below. Oddly enough, it is a magnet for many American tourists during the holidays. One of the largest cities in Australia, Sydney has a huge American crowd, which you will find hard to avoid on your vacation.
Sydney is a thriving capital city and a relaxed beachfront city that boasts some of the best surfing, activities and attractions in the Southern Hemisphere. If you want to see a performance in a famous opera house, you may not enjoy obnoxious Americans talking loudly during the performance. With that said, Sydney is a beautiful place to visit apart from the minor inconveniences.

14. Montego Bay, Jamaica

The all-inclusive resorts in Montego Bay make Jamaica one of the top Caribbean vacation destinations for American tourists. Relaxing on the beach is the order of the day, and many travelers don’t travel much. However, if you want to avoid that obnoxious rowdy American, Montego Bay may not work for you.
Doctor’s QC Shore is Montego Bay’s most popular beach. It is also a place where many Americans party loudly and gather together. You’ll enjoy the scenery but not bother with the annoying company of your fellow Americans.

15. Toronto, Canada

Are you interested in vacationing in Toronto? The contemporary city juxtaposes the shores of Lake Ontario with a multi-story building in the heart of downtown and the spire of the CN Tower. Its diverse population creates a lively cultural scene with many places to see and places to see.
However, the city attracts these loud, annoying Americans every year. Although it’s a nice city, you can get a little bored hanging around fellow Americans who are notoriously mean by Canadian standards. At the same time, this is one of those destinations you want to avoid.

16. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Why would anyone want to avoid Rio de Janeiro? Well, technically they wouldn’t. However, if you are an American who wants to enjoy your vacation and not have to worry about meeting your countrymen, you may want to consider other options.
Late nights in Rio de Janeiro can get chaotic, especially on weekends, when everyone and their cousins crowd the streets as bar crawls with drinks in hand. This may be where you find that demeaning behavior that you don’t want to be a part of. If you’re worried about attending, check Rio de Janeiro off your list.

17. Cancun, Mexico

It may not be at the top of your list, due to the many American tourists who visit here many times during the holiday season. In fact, Cancun is the #1 destination for American travel out of the country. Inexpensive flights from the states, 14 miles of beaches, and beautiful festival entertainment that turn the Z-shaped island off the Yucatan Peninsula into a 24-hour party zone for American college students, especially during spring break. in season You will experience some loud, obnoxious behavior, especially during breaks from college. 

18. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

what do you think? The cat is out of the bag in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Once a beloved beach destination for Europeans, the port city now ranks as a low-cost utopia for American vacationers. The beauty of it all is that it’s within a reasonable distance for most Americans. After all, it is only a two hour drive from Miami. However, many Americans love to travel here in this beautiful country. Sometimes, obnoxious, loud Americans stick around too much and just won’t quit. These are the ones you can escape from if you choose that as your destination.

19. Cairo, Egypt

Do you think you won’t find noisy, obnoxious Americans in Cairo? Think again because they are frequent guests. The bustling streets, desert heat, and sheer size of Cairo will leave even the most resilient of travelers in a state of culture shock and a somewhat unpleasant situation. Of course, if you want to enjoy your vacation, it’s doubtful you’ll want to hold onto this behavior.
Most American visitors come to the Egyptian capital to see the wonders of the ancient world, following in the footsteps of the pharaohs. However, you won’t find much peace and quiet here with all the North American tourists flocking to the city. You may want to sit on it.

20. San Juan, Puerto Rico

Of course, this is American territory. However, Puerto Rico has the right to feel like it’s a world apart. The relaxed feel of San Juan with its narrow cobbled streets and pastel-colored communities will make any tourist feel right at home, especially after an evening in Old San Juan. However, many people know that for some Americans it is a huge party scene.
Sometimes some people get a little drunk and turn into that typical obnoxious American that no one wants to be around. They love to hang out until the wee hours of the morning with young and old drinking, playing music and salsa dancing.

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