20 Disappointing Items We Wasted Our Money On

Technology is getting better and more advanced every day, and as a result, spending our money is getting easier and more accessible. Now we can buy things no matter where we are or how far we are from the physical store.
In other words, it has never been easier to buy something.
But what happens when what we buy and get is less than we expected?
How many times have you bought something and then realized you wasted your hard earned money? More times, I bet. But don’t worry, you are not alone. We’ve bought something at one point or another that we later realized was a complete waste. And to make you feel better, here are 20 celebrity products that tricked us into opening our wallets, only to break our hearts and fill us with regret.

01. Dasani Water

Dasani bottle is stylishly designed but the contents are identical to what you would get from a less fancy bottle or faucet at home. Coca-Cola’s flashy ads have us believing that Dasani is tastier, more refreshing than other bottled waters, and certainly more complex than dull tap water.
The fact is that Dasani water is tap water. As with many bottled water brands. And although it says it’s “pure” in most places, so is tap water.
What really pushes us away is the sleek bottle design and the impression that we have a sophisticated taste in our water. However, our money, just like a bottle, ends up in the trash.

02. Teeth Whitening Strips

There are not always white teeth. This is why teeth whitening that you can do at home sounds like a great idea. Unfortunately, this expensive product is difficult to use. In some cases, you have to cut it to fit your teeth and then try to get it in your mouth without the whitening solution ending up on your fingers. Strips most of the time end up in the trash because you didn’t apply them properly. Also, if you don’t do it right, you’ll end up with yellow spots. Too much hassle, too little reward and an affordable price. How wasteful!

03. CDS

Once upon a time CDs were the cheapest option for buying music. But if you are still buying CDs today, you are wasting your money. I’m not advocating music theft but you can buy digital music files and store them on a disc drive and it’s much cheaper than buying CDs. There are also services like Spotify that let you listen to any song, band, or artist anywhere, anytime for a low monthly fee. So for the Little Bang they offer, the CD’s are hardly worth it.

04. Windows Vista

2007 was a dark year for PC users. When Microsoft introduced Windows Vista, our wallets weren’t happy. This expensive operating system was difficult to use and riddled with bugs. The user interface was so complex that if you were using the operating system on your laptop it would run as slow as molasses. There was no driver support and it seemed like you had to click OK on a popup every 5 minutes. It was also terrible at managing the game. And forget about trying to find and use any tools. Vista has so cynically renamed and categorized a bunch of tools that trying to find something requires the treasure-hunting skills of a snooty hacker. Needless to say, the money is not well spent if you switch to this operating system.

05. All Season / All Weather Tires

The product was introduced in 2002 as a money-saving option for car owners. It was also meant to save us time by not having to change our tires twice a year. This sounds great, if you’re okay with the increased likelihood of getting a meltdown.
When they started selling these money and time saving tires, they didn’t tell us they weren’t effective at keeping you on the road in the winter. This is because they do not have the same grip on the road as winter tires. So in snowy and icy weather you are more likely to slip off the road. Plus, since you use them year-round, they wear out faster. Which means you don’t really save any money because they have to be replaced so often. In other words, wise penny – stupid dollar.

06. Microsoft Kinect

Being able to use your body as a game controller seems like a gamer’s pipe dream. This is what Microsoft Kinect promises, so we’ll open our wallets. In fact, we wish we hadn’t been disturbed.
Games with the Kinect require a lot of space to move around. Unless you have an empty room around you, you have to move around the furniture every time you want to play. However, jumping up and down indoors is a recipe for disaster, (or at least some bruises and aids). Also, manual and voice control only work with select interfaces. Finally, to add insult to injury, the console only comes with RCA cables, so if you have a digital TV, you’ll have to go out and buy HDMI cables. 

07. BlackBerry Passport

Passport was the smartphone version of BlackBerry. It was impossible to use it with one hand and forget to keep it in the pocket. On top of its size, its performance left a lot to be desired. BlackBerry fans, at least, regret not spending their money on a real smartphone.

08. HP Touchpad

At one time, the HP TouchPad was an affordable tablet option. There was just one problem, it was cheap because it was unsupported. In 2011, HP withdrew support for its TouchPad products. This means that when the tablet worked it was a great purchase, but once something went wrong you couldn’t fix, the tablet was as good as garbage. In other words, we had to cross our fingers that the touchpad didn’t become money in the trash.


AT&T was trying to make a video streaming service with DirecTV Now but all they did was make us stop giving them our money back. For starters, the video quality has deteriorated, and they don’t offer CBS or Showtime. Also, there was no Roku support, (Roku is what allows you to watch Netflix and YouTube on your TV), and the service was riddled with bugs. Not a smart buy at all.

10. Apple TV

Replacing cables and Apple’s gaming system looked attractive, but in reality it was worthless. You couldn’t stream 4K content, you couldn’t upgrade the memory and the remote wasn’t even suitable for gamers. You didn’t have access to popular services like Spotify and Amazon Prime, and you needed an Apple account to run it, so Android users got annoyed. Bad buy all around.

11. Pocket PC

Being able to carry your computer around in your pocket feels like the ultimate convenience. However, actually using the Pocket PC was not a simple matter.
This supposed piece of technology has been plagued with problems. From apps you can’t install or use, to a web browser that requires a magnifying glass, the Pocket PC wasn’t the deal we all hoped it would be. This and our money ended up in the trash.

12. GoPro Karma Drone

The entire purpose of a drone is to fly. So the one who keeps falling misses the point, right? This was exactly the problem with GoPro’s Karma drone.
It seemed like a great buy, you get a bird’s-eye view of everything you could want from the comfort of the earth. However, Karma’s inability to stay airborne defeats his purpose. That’s why karma and our money went to the trash.

13. 3D TV

We were very excited to welcome the 3D cinema experience into our living areas in 2010. Unfortunately, it failed to appeal like its theatrical counterpart.
Compared to 2D HDTVs, 3D TVs were much more expensive and didn’t offer the same variety of content. Since the content had to be formatted specifically for 3D TV, there wasn’t much choice. In addition, you had to wear special glasses. This created a problem for bespectacled wearers, and it also prevented us from multitasking while watching TV. It also causes nausea, dizziness and headaches. Looks like our money would have been better spent on stage.

14. Apple Watch

The Apple Watch made us spit on our credit cards, but everything quickly turned to tears. The watch showed everything and nothing. It didn’t make our lives easier or do anything our other devices weren’t already doing. There weren’t many apps either and the ones in it were slow to load. The interface was not user friendly, causing even the most tech savvy person to struggle. And not many of us were able to wear it due to the limited strap options. So even though it seemed like a great buy at the time, many of us suffered from sore wrists and buyer’s remorse.

15. Hoverboards

The future was realized when floating panels hit the market. Or so we thought. Turns out it wasn’t science fiction, but rather a new series of spin-off-themed YouTube videos just waiting to be published.
Not only are floating boards difficult to use, they’re illegal in some places. It is also subject to spontaneous combustion. We were licking our figurative and literal wounds for this element.

16. Volkswagen Diesel

There is a great need for a car these days. This is why the Volkswagen Diesel has been the car of choice for those of us looking for an economical and eco-friendly ride. But in September 2015, it was discovered that Volkswagen had cheated on its emissions tests. They used a device that tricked emissions regulators into thinking the car was producing lower emissions than gasoline. In fact, Volkswagen diesel cars emitted 40 times more tailpipe emissions than legally allowed. In other words, our money wasted and we contributed to environmental damage. Talk about severe irritation.

17. Nintendo WII

In 2006, the Nintendo Wii was at the top of our Christmas wish list. It was a hot ticket item and we had to get it. Sure, we may have broken some bulbs thanks to the motion-sensing controller, but nothing beats a game of bowling in your living room and not having bowling shoes in the lawn.
Unfortunately, Nintendo stopped making games for this console in 2012 and instead launched a new console, the Wii U. This meant we had to buy a whole new (and expensive) console for more games. Our Wiis are now gathering dust and the stress of feeling money well spent.

18. Nintendo WII U

We loved the Wii and so we wanted to love the Wii U, but it had its problems.
For starters, the control system was ridiculously complex. There were many different controllers and console parts that had to be connected or used individually depending on the game being played. In addition, our console is not designed for ordinary gamers. You really had to be a basic gamer to be able to use the console successfully. However, the Wii U hardly offered any games designed for those who were core gamers.
There was also limited internal storage which meant you had to purchase external storage, which added to the cost of the console. Also, aside from gameplay, the only other activity the console could be used for was watching Netflix or Hulu. Which means we didn’t get a lot of bang for the buck.


How many of us have spent tens of hundreds of dollars on an HDDVD only to have the format become obsolete and waste our money?
If you’re betting that a Toshiba hard drive will succeed a DVD, you’re betting on the wrong pony. In 2008, Toshiba gave in to Sony’s Blu-ray, and since then, if we wanted a new movie, we had to go out and get a Blu-ray player. How wasteful!

20. Google Glass

Back in 2011, when the first whispers of Google’s new cutting-edge smart technology started permeating the blogosphere, we were thrilled. Technology enthusiasts predicted that this technology would prove revolutionary. This will be the next iPhone but for your face.
And then it was not.
Google halted production in January 2015, saying it would go back to the drawing board. However, for those of us who really bought into the hype and bought Google Glass, our money has been pretty much wasted.
Google Glass was basically a waste of money because when it worked, it was ugly as sin. Since it didn’t do anything our smartphones didn’t already do, it wasn’t worth it looking silly. It also requires that we always “want”. We were constantly interrupted by notifications or popups interrupted us. And let’s be completely honest, it didn’t really make sense in our lives. You can’t use it while walking or risk falling into a lamppost or worse. So really, it was just a hands-free tablet and phone sitting on your face. Can we get our money back, please?

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