15 Ways Graphene Could Change The World

Graphene has become an important component of the world we live in today. With the passage of time, its importance will only increase as technology is used in more aspects of life. Before we know it, graphene will be a huge part of everyday life as we know it. You can say with confidence that graphene will change the world.
So what exactly is graphene? The basic facts are that they are extremely strong and very thin and the conductivity they contain makes it possible for them to be part of any technology you want to integrate. It is a layer of carbon only one atom thick. That’s right, he’s really small which makes his power even more amazing. Carbon is the chemical basis for everything that touches the Earth, so there’s a lot to test and experiment with. This is something we will never lack.
There are already many products on the market that use graphene. Some of the best tennis players in the world use rackets made of graphene, and skates and helmets are also used. These products are already great but will only get better with future testing.
The possibilities are limitless. We could see cars never rust again, dirtiest water turned into beautiful, clean drinking water, and many more health benefits to come. Today you will learn about the things that will soon be coming your way and changing the world as we know it.

01. Roll Up TV Screens and Cell Phones

As I said earlier, graphene technology can change the world as we know it. How cool would it be to roll up your big screen TV and take it to a friend’s house because your TV is bigger than they have? Or maybe you have a bendable cell phone, which makes it virtually unbreakable if you accidentally drop it? Or maybe if you have some pants with no pockets you can just wrap your phone around your wrist?
This is a very expensive process that will result in an expensive product. But that doesn’t mean big companies aren’t working on it. 

02. Faster and Longer Lasting Batteries

Graphene can make batteries like we’ve never imagined before. They can be charged in seconds and last a very long time. The feather-like weight can see batteries actually inserted into clothing and used to connect heart monitors and other health-related technology.
The technology for this has been in the works for a long time and we may see it soon. Who wouldn’t want a cell phone battery that can last a week or more, right? This couldn’t be further from the truth, so stay tuned!

03. Computers Can Be Faster Than Ever

People who love computers or do a lot of work on them may notice a drastic change in the speed of the new hardware. It is now very fast and has come a long way from those first primitive machines we all loved. Can you imagine a current processor running at 2.9GHz running at 100GHz? Seems impossible, right? With the way computer technology is always changing, this may be faster than you think.
The chips we know today can actually run a million times faster than they do now. It’s amazing and I can’t wait!

04. Rusty Cars

If companies start adding some graphene to the paint they use on cars, it could make a big difference. Because of this thin coating, vehicles will never be damaged and can look beautiful forever. This will be especially useful for those of us who live in harsh climates. We all know the damage salt and ice can do to your car. The results of such a long exposure can see your car’s body almost completely disintegrate.
Big companies are working on it and it could be in the market before you know it. How cool might that be?

05. The Most Fuel Efficient Cars

Graphene has been tested in vehicles and found that it can take the heat generated by the engine and convert it into energy. It can be used in the form of a battery and can also be used to power your air conditioner.
Right now, your average well-running car will lose about 70% of its energy as heat from fuel consumption. Graphene can be used to capture this heat and convert it into energy. In general, this can significantly reduce or eliminate fuel consumption. This allows hybrid vehicles to go further than anyone ever dreamed possible.

06. Graphene Could Make Better Planes Everywhere

There is no one in the world who would not like to see aircraft as safe as possible. They’ve come a long way, and accidents and mishaps are not as common as they used to be, but let’s face it, they still happen. Graphene will probably never cause crashes, but it could reduce them.
Lightweight materials can make the planes themselves, structurally speaking, much stronger and more fuel efficient because the planes will weigh less. I think everyone has long-term fuel in jets. At least you won’t read about planes crashing because they ran out of fuel.

07. The Best Tennis Racket

This technology is already in use. Newer tennis racquets that use graphene are lighter and distribute weight where needed. It improves user performance and has already achieved great success in this game.
You may not be a big fan of tennis but you surely know the names Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. They are two of the best players in the world and they both use graphene racquets. That fact alone tells you it must be very good.
It also tells you that graphene is already in use all over the world. The key is finding ways to expand it into many other products in a cost-effective way. Don’t worry, it will come soon and it will be part of your daily life.

08. Graphene Is Also Used in Motorcycle Helmets

Graphene is now used in motorcycle and bicycle helmets. Helmets are more durable and lightweight. It is always a good idea to have something sturdy but not heavy on your head for safety reasons.
Catlike was the first company to incorporate this technology into a helmet when it released a bike helmet. The collaboration between Momodesign and the Italian Institute of Technology has resulted in the first helmet for motorcycle use.
With time and continued experimentation, both helmets will only get stronger and better, so keep an eye out for upgraded products to hit the market in the near future.

09. Graphene Makes Skis Lighter and Faster

Skates using graphene technology are still flexible yet strong when you need to be. The Light Skate provides more balance and control than any skate has ever offered before.
As stated with the helmet above, the skiing will only get better with more experimentation. Dynafit North America already has some of these products on the market and you can bet that other companies will want to follow suit as soon as possible. Nobody wants to be left behind, so soon the market will be flooded with options.

10. Nerve Replacement

Michigan Technological University has been working on a technology that uses graphene to replace nerves for some time. Replacing 3D printed nerves with 3D bioprinting could be the thing of the future.
Graphene is used as an electrical conductor so that new tissues can grow from the polymer material it is made of.
Something like this obviously takes a long time to finish, so there’s no exact time as to when it will be released to the public. Although it is nice to know that researchers are using the latest and best technology to make our lives just a little bit better.

11. Graphene Could Be Used as a ‘Cancer Killer’.

We all know that cancer research is always reaching new heights. One of the new experiments is using graphene oxide as an anti-cancer agent. These agents target cancer stem cells and shrink tumors.
It’s still a long way to go until it’s public, but a lot of progress is being made every day. There is still a lot of testing to be done to perfect the treatment, but the way they are always coming up with new treatments is, hopefully, not too far into the future.

12. Night Vision

I’ve seen military units wear headphones to be able to see in the dark. They look like something out of a video game and are also bulky and somewhat uncomfortable. It works but a new and better technology may be available in the near future.
This makes it an ideal combination for military wear when working at night. Once it becomes available to the military, it will only be a matter of time until something that uses the technology is developed that the public can wear at night.

13. Graphene Can Protect Crops

Crops grown by farmers are at constant risk of contamination. This is an occupational hazard when you plant things outside in the elements. Biosensors built with graphene may soon change all that and reduce risks. They can be used to warn farmers of danger and then take measures to protect their crops. He works with everyone in the country.
These sensors can take samples and provide immediate feedback rather than the current system of waiting days or weeks for lab results to come back. There is nothing wrong with that and growers across the country will welcome the new technology.

14. Graphene Can Turn Rain into Energy

The University of Manchester is conducting research using graphene to store wind or solar energy. It can then be converted into clean energy for everyone to use.
Moving forward, researchers from China’s Yunnan Normal University and Ocean University are conducting research using graphene technology that can also capture rain and convert it into energy.
If the sun can be used as an energy source, why isn’t it raining? It makes perfect sense because it’s something he has a lot going for. The technology is still far from perfect but it is good to know that it is being worked on.

15. Graphene Can Be Used to Make Clean Drinking Water

Graphene oxide can actually act as a barrier between water and pollutants. It can take the most polluted water and provide clean drinking water for everyone. This will be especially useful for third world countries that have problems with clean drinking water.
Researchers at the University of Washington have actually come up with a method that works quite well. If it continues to show positive results, we may see this new technology worldwide anytime soon.
The actual process that the water goes through is simple but the technology to make it work is a bit more complex. Testing will continue and it is hoped that it will soon be used worldwide.

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