Apply Now: LUMS National Outreach Programme 2023 for Bachelor’s Degree in Pakistan:

The LUMS National Outreach Programme 2023 is your golden ticket to a fully-funded undergraduate degree program at one of Pakistan’s top universities. This opportunity is open to all talented individuals from across the nation who possess a strong desire to pursue higher education at LUMS but are unable to afford the tuition fees. Whether you hail from Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, Gilgit-Baltistan or Azad Jammu and Kashmir, we welcome your applications with open arms. Our esteemed university offers an array of degree programs in various fields including business, arts, humanities, and management science. Our graduates have gone on to become top professionals in their respective fields, and we are confident that you too can join their ranks with the help of the LUMS National Outreach Programme. 
The LUMS Scholarship 2022 National Outreach Program is a prestigious bursary program that aims to identify exceptional candidates with outstanding matric and FA / FSc results and enroll them in degree programs at Lahore University of Management Sciences. The program offers full financial assistance to eligible students, including summer training classes and coverage of all student expenses such as coaching, traveling, and SAT fees. The Hosting Center will provide shortlisted candidates with opportunities to join LUMS based on their performance in various tests. We strongly encourage all eligible applicants to apply for this unique opportunity to pursue their academic dreams at LUMS.
The Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) has established itself as a premier institution of higher learning, both nationally and globally, since its inception in 1984. LUMS adheres to modern education standards, leading to its recognition as a top-ranked university. In Pakistan, LUMS ranks 3rd among all universities, while its worldwide ranking according to the QS World Ranking Of Universities is an impressive 44th. To learn more about the NOP Program 2023, refer to the details provided below.

Complete overview:

Get a Fully Funded Undergraduate Degree at Lahore University of Management Sciences with the LUMS National Outreach Programme 2023 – Apply by 29 March 2023!

Scholarship coverage:

Discover Scholarship Opportunities in Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) across various academic fields including Accounting & Finance, Management Sciences, History, English, Anthropology, Sociology, Economics, Politics, Biology, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Law, and Education.

Application criteria:

To be considered for admission into the NOP Summer Training Session, applicants must meet certain criteria, including having achieved a minimum of 80% marks in Matric or an equivalent qualification in O-Levels. Additionally, applicants must demonstrate a need for financial assistance to cover the costs of the program.
During the Summer Training Program, students will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities and tests, which will be used to evaluate their performance. Those who perform well in the program will then be registered to take an entrance exam, which is fully paid for by LUMS.
While all students, regardless of whether they apply directly or through the NOP program, are assessed using the same admission criteria, students who are eligible for the full scholarship will have their tuition fees covered. However, in order to be considered for the scholarship, students must meet certain eligibility criteria and undergo an annual review process to assess their continued need for financial assistance. Through this review process, the committee ensures transparency in the bursary award process for all eligible recipients.

Application Deadline:

The deadline for submitting your online application is swiftly approaching – March 29, 2023, which also happens to be the last working day to apply. We highly recommend that all prospective applicants submit their applications before the cutoff date to be considered for the scholarship.

Guidelines how to apply?

The LUMS National Outreach Programme 2023 provides an opportunity for students from underprivileged backgrounds to receive education at LUMS. Here are the detailed guidelines on how to submit an application for the program:
Step #1: Application Process
To apply for the LUMS National Outreach Programme, students must be in their first year of Intermediate or A-Levels. This application must be submitted two years before the beginning date of the LUMS degree program. Students who attend the 2023 Training Session will be eligible to join LUMS in 2024. To apply, students must fill out an online application form available at
Step #2: Summer Coaching Session
After the initial screening of applications, shortlisted candidates will be invited to a two-week Summer Coaching Session at LUMS. This session will be held during the summer holidays, and all charges except travel expenses will be covered by LUMS.
Step #3: Admission Test Registration Fee
Those candidates who successfully complete the NOP Summer Coaching Session will have their enrollment charges paid by LUMS.
Step #4: LUMS Admission Form
For the NOP Summer Coaching Session, students are required to complete an online application for admission to LUMS. Eligible students who complete this process will be LUMS NOP Scholars.

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