Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship 2023-24: An Opportunity for International Students to Study in Germany:

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship 2023-24 in Germany provides a fully funded opportunity for international students from various parts of the globe to pursue their educational goals in fields such as Architecture, Civil and Architectural Engineering, Social Sciences, Management, and Sustainable Technology. The scholarship is available for Diploma, Undergraduate, Master’s, and Ph.D. programs, making it a comprehensive option for those who aspire to continue their education.
The Friedrich Ebert Foundation offers 40 annual scholarships to international students who uphold social democratic values and have achieved academic excellence in any subject area. Eligible candidates include those from the Global South, post-Soviet republics, and eastern and south-eastern European (EU) nations. Successful applicants receive financial support that covers monthly living expenses, health insurance, and a family allowance, while also committing to uphold and demonstrate democratic values during their studies in Germany.
The Friedrich Ebert Foundation’s global scholarship program provides a unique opportunity for students to collaborate with individuals from diverse cultural, socioeconomic, and political backgrounds, while receiving guidance from esteemed German professionals. This European scholarship program strives to foster a multicultural community that is dedicated to advancing knowledge in various fields, and to attract international students to make Germany a global leader in professional skills development. If you are a young and innovative mind seeking to participate in this initiative, we invite you to submit your application for the FEF scholarship before the deadline. Please refer to the information below for further details on this exceptional opportunity.

Complete overview:

Discover all you need to know about the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship 2023-24 in Germany, which provides an excellent opportunity for students to pursue their academic dreams with fully funded Diploma, Undergraduate, Master, and Ph.D. Programs. With 40 scholarships up for grabs, aspiring scholars have until 30 November 2023 to apply and potentially secure their place at a prestigious institution in Germany.

Financial Assistance for Education:

Candidates who are selected for the scholarship program will receive a comprehensive package of benefits, including full tuition coverage. In addition to this, they will be granted a monthly allowance of 830 euros for bachelor’s, diploma, master’s, and state examination programs, while students enrolled in master’s programs will receive 850 euros per month. The scholarship program will also facilitate the provision of health insurance for all selected candidates. For those with children, a family allowance of EUR 276 will be provided to ease the burden of child-rearing expenses.

Application criteria:

To apply for the program, candidates must meet specific requirements set forth by the organization. The first requirement is that candidates must be enrolled in a higher education program that is approved by the German government. This requirement ensures that candidates have received formal education and training that meets the country’s standards.
In addition to being enrolled in a government-approved higher education program, candidates must have a strong academic history. This means that candidates should have consistently achieved high grades throughout their academic careers. The organization considers this requirement important as it demonstrates a candidate’s ability to learn, understand and apply knowledge in practical situations.
Candidates must also demonstrate proficiency in the German language. The organization emphasizes the importance of language skills, particularly for candidates who will be working in Germany. Fluency in the German language not only helps candidates to communicate effectively but also helps them to understand the country’s culture and traditions.
Apart from academic qualifications and language proficiency, the organization expects candidates to be driven, trustworthy, and responsible individuals. These attributes are essential as they reflect a candidate’s work ethic and their ability to work independently.
Furthermore, candidates must be politically and socially active. They should be knowledgeable about the country’s political and social issues and be actively engaged in related activities. This requirement reflects the organization’s focus on promoting democratic values and principles.
Lastly, the organization requires candidates to demonstrate genuine democratic beliefs. Candidates should uphold democratic values, including freedom, equality, and justice. This requirement reflects the organization’s mission to promote democratic ideals and principles in its activities.

Important ducoments:

In order to complete the online application process, it is imperative that all required documentation be uploaded. This includes a high school diploma for undergraduate programs, as well as a copy of your college transcript for master’s degree programs. For Ph.D. programs, it is necessary to submit a transcript from your master’s program. Additionally, applicants must provide a valid passport, a brief resume or CV, a compelling motivational letter or statement of purpose, a detailed study plan, at least one recommendation letter, and a current health certificate.

Application Deadline:

Each academic program under the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship 2023-24 in Germany has its own unique deadline for online application submission.

Guidelines how to apply?

Online submission of applications through their website is mandatory for all applicants.
It is recommended that applicants choose the program they wish to apply for with careful consideration.
Applicants are advised to select their nation of origin thoughtfully.
Applicants are encouraged to provide as much personal information as possible, including their name, residence, birth date, and country of origin.
Every required field on the application form must be completed meticulously.
Attention to detail is critical when filling out your application form for this scholarship opportunity.

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