SSGC Sui Southern Gas Company Jobs 2023 in Karachi:

The Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) has announced numerous job opportunities for the year 2023 in the vibrant city of Karachi, Pakistan. This reputable company is seeking highly motivated and skilled individuals who are passionate about serving the people of Pakistan through their work.
The recent announcement made by the Government of Pakistan regarding job vacancies in SSGC has generated a lot of interest among potential candidates. These job opportunities are not only for individuals who are seeking employment but also for those who want to contribute their skills and knowledge towards the growth and development of the company.
The SSGC is looking for candidates with diverse backgrounds and skill sets, including finance, engineering, operations, and customer service. The company aims to create a diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects the communities it serves.
Potential candidates can apply for these positions through various channels, including online applications and walk-in interviews. The application process is designed to be easy and convenient for interested individuals.
Working for the SSGC comes with a range of benefits, including a competitive salary package, professional development opportunities, and a supportive work environment. The company is committed to providing its employees with a fulfilling and rewarding career that allows them to grow both personally and professionally.
The roots of Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) can be traced back to the mid-1950s when it was initially established, and its current form was shaped through the merger of three trailblazing firms – Sui Gas Transmission Company Limited, Karachi Gas Company Limited, and Indus Gas Company Limited – on March 30, 1989. Today, Sui Southern Gas Company holds a dominant position in the natural gas industry of Pakistan, with its primary focus on the transportation and distribution of natural gas across the southern region of the country, especially in the provinces of Sindh and Baluchistan.
Individuals possessing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the relevant areas, along with a minimum of 7 to 10 years of experience, are highly encouraged to apply for the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) Jobs 2023 in Karachi. The job position will be offered on a contractual basis for a period of three years, which can potentially be extended by management’s decision. All interested candidates must submit their applications online via the SSGC job portal, as applications submitted through any other means will not be considered. Furthermore, female applicants are strongly encouraged to apply, and the application deadline for this opportunity is February 26, 2023. For more information, please refer to the additional details provided below.

Complete overview:

The Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) has announced new job vacancies for the year 2023 in Karachi, Pakistan. The job postings were made public on the 14th of February, 2023, and the company is looking to fill 4 positions.
To be eligible for the job, applicants must be Pakistani citizens, both males and females are welcome to apply. The minimum required education for the job is a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a relevant field.
The Sui Southern Gas Company is a well-known gas distribution company that provides natural gas services to various parts of the country. The organization has been operational for several years and is known for its high-quality services.
The job positions are available in Karachi, Pakistan, and successful applicants will be based there. The selected candidates will be responsible for various tasks related to gas distribution and related services.
Interested candidates can apply for the job by submitting their application before the 26th of February, 2023. The application process is online, and applicants must provide their updated resume, along with other relevant documents.
The Sui Southern Gas Company offers competitive salaries and benefits packages, including health insurance and other perks. 

Available opportunities:

UFG, a leading multinational corporation in the energy sector, is currently offering three exciting job positions for qualified individuals who are looking for challenging career opportunities. The positions available are Document Control and Digitalization, CC & B Functional Administrator, and Chief Engineer.
As the Document Control and Digitalization specialist, you will be responsible for managing and organizing all types of documents related to UFG’s operations, including contracts, technical specifications, and project reports. You will also be in charge of digitalizing these documents and ensuring that they are easily accessible to all relevant personnel. This position requires excellent organizational skills and a deep understanding of document management software.
The CC & B Functional Administrator role is a critical position that involves managing UFG’s Customer Care and Billing (CC & B) system, which is used to manage billing, payments, and customer service interactions. As the Functional Administrator, you will be responsible for configuring, testing, and maintaining the system, as well as providing technical support to other UFG employees. This position requires a strong understanding of CC & B software and excellent problem-solving skills.
Finally, the Chief Engineer position is a senior-level role that involves overseeing all of UFG’s engineering operations. As the Chief Engineer, you will be responsible for developing and implementing engineering strategies, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and standards, and managing a team of engineers and technicians. This position requires extensive experience in engineering and leadership, as well as excellent communication and problem-solving skills.
At UFG, we value diversity and inclusivity, and we are committed to creating a workplace where all employees feel valued and supported. If you are interested in one of these positions, we encourage you to apply today and join our dynamic team of professionals.

Qualification criteria:

The ideal candidate for this position will possess either a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical or Chemical Engineering, or a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Additionally, we are looking for someone with 7-10 years of hands-on experience in their respective discipline, ideally with a focus on applied problem-solving.

Eligibility requirements:

The Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) Jobs 2023 in Karachi have specific eligibility criteria that must be met by applicants to be considered for the positions. Firstly, it is essential that candidates are Pakistani citizens. Secondly, the positions are open to all eligible Pakistanis. Additionally, participants must possess a minimum of 7 to 10 years of relevant work experience to be considered for these roles. Finally, applicants must also hold a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree to be eligible for these positions.

Important ducoments:

In order to be considered for the position, it is essential that you provide the following necessary documents, each of which must be attested to ensure their authenticity:
National Identity Card (CNIC): This is a mandatory document that serves as your proof of identity as a citizen of Pakistan. It is required for almost all official and legal transactions.
Photograph: A recent passport-size photograph of yourself is required to accompany your application. This photograph should be clear and of high quality.
Domicile: This document certifies that you are a resident of a particular district or region within Pakistan. It is required for certain job positions and other official purposes.
Education documents: This includes your academic certificates, transcripts, and degrees. These documents should be attested by the relevant educational board or institution.
Experience certificates: If you have previously worked in a relevant field or position, you must provide certificates or letters of experience from your previous employers.
Matric and Intermediate Certificates: These are your high school and intermediate level certificates that attest to your educational qualifications. They should also be attested by the relevant educational board or institution.
Please note that failure to provide any of these documents or submitting false information may result in disqualification or legal action.

Application Deadline:

The clock is ticking, as the deadline for submitting your applications for the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) Jobs 2023 in Karachi is fast approaching. You have until February 26th, 2023, to apply for this exciting opportunity, so don’t miss out on your chance to join one of the leading gas companies in Pakistan.

Guidelines how to apply?

Applying for a job at the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) in Karachi can be a simple and straightforward process if you follow these guidelines. Firstly, you need to download the application form in a digital format from the official website of the SSGC. Once you have downloaded the application form, you must fill it out completely, providing all necessary information and supporting documentation. Before filling out the application, it is crucial to read and understand all instructions provided in the form.
You must include your contact information, such as your email address, phone number, and residential address, as well as the specific position for which you are applying. The SSGC encourages applications from women, and they are welcome to apply for any position they feel qualified for.
It is important to keep in mind that the deadline for online applications is 26th February 2023, and applications that are received after the deadline or have missing information will not be considered. Therefore, it is essential to submit your application before the deadline and ensure that you have included all necessary information to avoid rejection.
In conclusion, by following these guidelines, you can apply for a job at the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) in Karachi quickly and efficiently, providing all necessary information to be considered for the desired position.

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