Fully Funded trip to the UK WTO Essay competition Award 2023:

The WTO Essay Award 2023 is a remarkable opportunity for aspiring scholars worldwide who are eager to engage in international trade discourse. The award is designed to provide a fully funded trip to the UK for successful applicants, as well as an opportunity to showcase their writing skills in a prestigious essay competition. The World Trade Organization is a renowned international organization that is dedicated to enhancing global trade and facilitating economic growth. With its mandate to administer trade agreements, develop trade policies, and support developing nations, the WTO remains a critical institution in the global economic landscape.
Discover the trade policies that shaped the UK’s global commerce – and earn a once-in-a-lifetime experience to learn from the heart of it. The UK government opens doors to foreign aspirants through a variety of exchange programs and scholarships, including the prestigious WTO Essay Award 2023. Aspiring authors with exceptional writing skills can grab this amazing opportunity to discuss trade policy, commerce, and international trade cooperation issues. Unleash your creativity and propose innovative solutions to overcome the challenges faced by the global trade market. This is a unique chance for young economists to showcase their talent, win a CHF 5,000 monetary reward, and have their essays published in an international forum. Join the league of successful scholars and explore the exciting culture of the United Kingdom with a fully funded trip!
The World Trade Organization (WTO) stands as a unique global organization dedicated to regulating and enforcing international trade rules. Rooted in the WTO accords, which have been endorsed by the vast majority of the world’s trading nations, the organization strives to promote a world where trade flows freely, predictably, and with minimal obstacles. Below you will find a comprehensive overview of the WTO and its mission.

Complete overview:

World Trade Organization’s 2023 Essay Award offers a Fully Funded UK Trip for Essayists
Essayists are invited to apply for the fully funded World Trade Organization’s 2023 Essay Award, which offers an all-expenses-paid trip to the United Kingdom from September 14, 2023, to September 16, 2023. With the deadline for applications set for June 2nd, 2023, this is an excellent opportunity for writers to showcase their skills while exploring the host country’s rich cultural heritage. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this prestigious event!

Scholarship coverage:

The 2023 WTO Essay Award offers an extraordinary opportunity for scholars to showcase their talents and receive well-deserved recognition. Not only will the winner be awarded CHF 5,000, but their exceptional paper will also be announced at the European Trade Study Group’s annual meeting. Moreover, this year’s award ceremony will be held in the United Kingdom, as financing has been approved to fully fund the winner’s trip.

Application criteria:

To be considered for this opportunity, your essay must fulfill specific guidelines regarding trade policy and international commercial cooperation while also meeting certain eligibility requirements based on your age and academic background. Additionally, your essay’s length should not exceed 15,000 words, ensuring that submissions are concise and focused.

The following set of documents are required for enrollment:

An official verified copy of the highest degree diploma, stamped by the relevant authorities.
A valid passport for international students.
A comprehensive CV highlighting current affiliations, academic institutions awarding the Ph.D. degree, year of completion, and date of birth.
A recent passport-sized photograph.
Any published research papers or academic publications.
A compelling motivational letter or statement of purpose.
A detailed study plan outlining academic and research goals.
Two letters of recommendation from reputable sources.
A health certificate to ensure the student’s well-being during their studies.

Application Deadline:

Don’t miss out on your chance to apply for the Fully Funded trip to the UK with the WTO Essay Award 2023 – but act fast, because applications must be submitted online by the deadline of 02 June 2023!

Guidelines how to apply?

To apply for the WTO Essay Award 2023 and be in with a chance of securing a Fully Funded trip to the UK, it’s essential to follow the correct guidelines. To do so, simply email your submission to essay.award@wto.org, making sure all required documents are included in PDF format. In addition, be sure to provide all the necessary supporting materials as requested on the application form. By adhering to these guidelines, you’ll give yourself the best possible chance of success.

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