Fully Funded WIPO Global Awards 2023 in Switzerland:

WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Organization, is a specialized agency of the United Nations that aims to promote innovation and creativity for the economic, social, and cultural development of all countries. The WIPO Global Awards aim to support this mission by providing fully funded fellowships to outstanding individuals who are committed to using intellectual property for commercialization and contributing to the global economy.
The WIPO Global Awards are open to applicants from all around the world, and successful candidates will have the opportunity to pursue a Master’s degree in intellectual property at the University of Geneva in Switzerland. The fellowship covers tuition fees, living expenses, and travel costs, so it is a great opportunity for students who need financial support to pursue their education.
In addition to the financial support, the WIPO Global Awards offer a valuable networking and learning experience, as fellows will have the opportunity to participate in various workshops, seminars, and conferences organized by WIPO and its partners.
These types of international scholarships can have a significant impact on the lives and careers of those who receive them, and can contribute to the advancement of innovation and intellectual property globally.
It’s also encouraging to hear that the winners are selected by a diverse and independent panel with expertise in IP, as well as investment and business abilities. This ensures that the most deserving and promising candidates are recognized and supported.
For anyone interested in applying for the WIPO Fully Funded Global Awards 2023, it would be a good idea to carefully review the eligibility requirements and application process. Additionally, it may be helpful to gather any relevant materials or documentation to support your application, such as letters of recommendation or a portfolio of your work.
The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations (UN) that serves as a global forum for intellectual property (IP) services, policy, information, and cooperation. WIPO’s mandate is to promote the protection of IP throughout the world and to facilitate the use of IP as a tool for economic, social, and cultural development.
WIPO also has a number of subsidiary bodies, including the WIPO Conference, which meets every five years to review WIPO’s activities and to consider amendments to the WIPO Convention; the WIPO Coordination Committee, which advises the Director General on program and budget matters; and a number of standing committees and working groups that focus on specific areas of IP.
In summary, WIPO is a global organization dedicated to promoting and protecting intellectual property rights around the world, fostering innovation and creativity, and facilitating cooperation among its member states. Its mandate and activities are guided by the WIPO Convention and the decisions of its General Assembly and subsidiary bodies.


The deadline for submitting applications for the WIPO Fully Funded Global Awards 2023 is 31st March 2023. Applicants must complete an online application form and provide supporting documents, such as academic transcripts, proof of language proficiency, and letters of recommendation.
The selection process for the program involves a review of applications by a panel of experts, followed by interviews with shortlisted candidates. Successful applicants will be notified in June 2023, and the program is expected to start in September 2023.
Overall, the WIPO Fully Funded Global Awards 2023 provides a valuable opportunity for individuals from developing countries to pursue advanced education in the field of IP law and policy, and to contribute to the development of their home countries in this important area.

Scholarship coverage:

Switzerland seem to cover various expenses that can help support and recognize the achievements of the awardees.
Here’s a breakdown of the benefits that the award covers:
Travel facility: WIPO will cover the travel expenses for the awardees to attend the awards ceremony and other related events in Geneva, Switzerland. This is a great opportunity for the awardees to network with other IP professionals and experts.
WIPO Trophy: The awardees will receive a trophy from WIPO, which can serve as a symbol of their achievement and recognition for their hard work.
Customized IP mentorship opportunities: WIPO will provide the awardees with personalized IP mentorship opportunities, which can help them further enhance their skills and knowledge in the field of IP.
Promotions: WIPO will promote the awardees on its website, social media platforms, and other related media platforms. This can help the awardees gain more visibility and recognition for their work, which can help them further advance their careers in the field of IP.
Overall, the WIPO Fully Funded Global Awards 2023 in Switzerland seem to offer a comprehensive package of benefits to support and recognize the achievements of the awardees.

Eligibility criteria:

Based on the information provided, the application requirements for SMEs interested in participating in the program are:
Eligibility: SMEs from any of WIPO’s 193 member countries can apply.
Understanding of IP rights: Participants must have a good understanding of intellectual property (IP) rights, such as trademarks, patents, copyrights, and trade secrets.
Ability to use IP rights to protect commercialized IP assets: Candidates must demonstrate an ability to use IP rights to protect their commercialized IP assets, such as their products or services, and have a strategy for managing their IP portfolio.
Positive contribution to development: The applicants must have a positive impact on the development of one or more countries. This could include contributing to economic growth, creating jobs, promoting innovation, or advancing social and environmental goals.
Diversity and inclusiveness: The program seeks to promote diversity and inclusiveness. Applicants must demonstrate an approach that supports these values, such as by promoting gender equality, supporting minority entrepreneurs, or advancing social inclusion.


Highest Degree Diploma: Your highest degree diploma is an essential document when applying for further education. You will need to provide a verified copy of the diploma which has been officially stamped by the institution that awarded the degree.
Passport for International Students: As an international student, you will need a valid passport to study abroad. Your passport should be up to date and valid for the entire duration of your study program.
Short Resume/CV: A short resume or curriculum vitae (CV) should highlight your academic and professional achievements. It should include your education, work experience, relevant skills, and any other relevant information.
Motivational Letter or Statement of Purpose: The motivational letter or statement of purpose is a document that explains why you are applying to the program and what you hope to achieve from it. It should highlight your interests, aspirations, and motivation for pursuing the program.
Study Plan: A study plan outlines your intended course of study and the goals you hope to achieve during your program. It should be clear, concise, and highlight your academic and career goals.
Recommendation Letters: Recommendation letters provide an evaluation of your academic or professional abilities by a person who knows you well. It should come from a professor, supervisor, or mentor who can attest to your abilities and potential for success in the program.
Health Certificate: A health certificate is proof that you are in good health and able to undertake the program. It may include a medical examination, vaccinations, and any other relevant health information.
Remember to check with the institution you are applying to, as their requirements may vary. Good luck with your application!


To apply for the WIPO Fully Funded Global Awards 2023 in Switzerland, applicants must go through a specific application process that requires submission through the official WIPO website.
The first step in the application process is to register an account through the WIPO website, followed by filling out all necessary details as requested.
It is crucial to provide accurate and complete information in the application, as any errors or omissions may result in disqualification from consideration for the award.
After completing the application, applicants must carefully review their information and then submit their application by clicking the designated submit button on the WIPO website.
To ensure the best chance of success in the application process, it is recommended that applicants carefully review all guidelines and instructions provided by WIPO, and seek assistance or clarification if needed.

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