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Episode 5 Recap And Review 

Episode 5 of A Storm for Christmas opens with Frank bringing a Swedish woman to a homeless shelter. He tells her to go to work and they start serving food. 

 Ronja gets word that the airport has found out who Abba is. Security guard Thea arrives and tells them that the old man’s guardian had a heart attack on the plane. He doesn’t remember much. Henrik receives a call from the Food Safety Authority that Lasso will be sent to the kennel.

  Asle tells Ida that she can’t find Ingvil anywhere. He tells Iday that his album poster looks good. He says it was done after visiting his parents. She claims she is not the mother of Ida in the poster.

  A woman and her child approach Thea and complain about Alex being a drunk and rude Santa. Thea talks to Alex, who complains that the kid peed on her. Thea takes him anyway.

  The young girl at the bar asks Marius for tea. As they talk, she says running shoes are a good idea as a gift for her father. Then he revealed that he had a girlfriend more than twenty years ago. She had a daughter, but soon she committed suicide, and the grandparents did not allow her to look after the child. The girl asks if he has any regrets and he tells her that he regrets not being able to be a father.

  Thea asks Alex if everything is okay in his personal life. He says that the problem is in his work life. He then overhears the announcements about Kaja and tells Thea that she can talk to the parents.

  Ronja hands Abba over to Kine, who will take him on the right flight to reach his daughter. Before leaving, Abba gives Ronya a portrait of his face. Soon David arrives. He changes his mind when he tells Kine that he wants to cancel his ticket, but the weather might clear up the next day.

  Olav sends a message to Diana asking her to come to the VIP lounge for a surprise. To bring Paris to him, he organized a typical Parisian meal of steak and fries.

  Henrik’s boss tells him the dog shouldn’t be here anymore, and Henrik agrees to take it somewhere else.

  A young girl at the bar notices Kaja hiding among some Christmas decorations. He asks Kaca if he got lost on purpose and Kaca says yes. She wanted a break from her bickering parents. The girl admits that she never had a mother or a father, but lived with her grandparents. He asks Kaja to find her parents. 

 Marius calls someone named Jan Haugland and asks if he can speak to “him”, even though he “knows what their deal is”. The other party hangs up. Later, as Marius vomits in the toilet, his health worsens.

  Arthur comes across little Lucas playing the piano. Maria comes to stop him, but Arthur begs her to let him continue and soon joins in playing with him. The people around them stop and listen, including Alex, Ingwild, Ronja, and David.

  The montage shows the Swedish woman happily helping out at the shelter, Kaja being reunited with her parents, and Ida tearing up the album poster. A young girl buys a pair of running shoes. Ida comes to stand next to Ingwild and apologizes to him. At the bar, Marius collapses.

  Everyone cheers as Arthur finishes. Clearly out of reaction, he stands up and bows.

  The young girl returns to find that Marius has been taken away by paramedics. David asks him if he is Marius’ father. He shakes his head.

  Episode Review

  Already towards the end of the show, we see the characters directly affecting each other. Arthur playing the piano with Lucas and the young girl helping little Kaja are prime examples of this show’s overarching message: be kind.

  The replacement of the spoken monologue with a piano piece and a montage was excellent. The changes in these people can be seen almost visibly in the show.

  I wish we could have seen more of the old man and his especially sweet smile. But the stories are starting to wrap up now, leaving a bittersweet ending to this episode.

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