The star heroine, Kajal, pinned high hopes on Sita as she played a powerful role for the first time in her career. The action drama directed by Teja has hit the screens today. Let’s see how it is.



  Sita(Kajal) is a career oriented woman with no feelings. All he needs is to do his work by hook or by crook. In the process, he crosses paths with a fearsome MLA (Sonu Sood) who is after her beauty and wants to win her at any cost. In a frenzy, she contracts with MLA to have a live-in relationship with him. When the time comes to honor the contract, he tries to get out of it by paying large sums of money.

  Left with no choice, he returns to his late father’s estate and tries to buy it. But the twist in the tale comes when he learns that all his property has been given away by Ram (Bellamkonda Sreenivas), an innocent soul. The rest of the story is about how Sita uses Ram and gets out of her problems.


  As the name suggests, the entire film belongs to Kajal. Kajal is surprising in her role which has many negative shades. The star hero’s body language and dialogue delivery are at the highest level in the film. An added bonus is its beauty, which attracts youngsters in a big way. Mannara Chopra was worthy and comedian Abhinav Gomatam as her sidekick.

  Bellamkonda Sreenivas played a very challenging role and he pulled it off with ease. This film lacked his heroic dialogues, dances and thrills, but the young hero performed his role with great sincerity. His performance at the climax was very good. Both Kajal and Sai’s love-hate relationship was well portrayed by Teja.

  As always, Sonu Sood’s villain act was impressive. He played the role of the menacing Basava Raju with a decent comedic angle which was done through Tanikella Bharani. The film literally means business and the story is well established in the first ten minutes.


  One of the major flaws of the film is Teja’s tired story. It doesn’t use the point of interest and narrates the film randomly. The film has a roller coaster feel as some good scenes are followed by some silly and pointless episodes. Unfortunately, Bittiri Satthi’s comedy does not elicit any laughs. Another problem of the film is the justification of Bellamkonda’s character. His role lacks direction and moves with the uneven flow of the film. The story is old school in the second half and many scenes drag on without any use.

  Also, the movie has a very predictable story that doesn’t thrill in the second half. The way Kajal realizes her love in Bellamkond could have been shown more effectively. Her love for the hero suddenly takes place with a seemingly strange fight scene.


  The production values ​​of the film are top notch as the visuals look quite impressive. Anup Rubens music is not impressive but his background score was good. Teja’s dialogues were good and so was the production design. Kajal is designed on a great note as she looks beautiful in the film. The editing is subpar as many scenes in the climax could have been edited out.

  As far as director Teja is concerned, he has taken a decent concept but failed to set it effectively in today’s era. It has got good performances from Kajal and others but its story is tired. Kajal shows his brilliance as a director in many scenes that showcase his ruthlessness, but in the last part of the film, he makes things ordinary.



  All in all, Sita is undoubtedly Kajal’s career best performance and she leads from the front. Bellamkonda Sreenivas supports him ably with his sincere acting, but the dull and dragging second half makes the going difficult. If all you want is to watch Kajal in a never-before-seen avatar, watch the movie for her, but there is nothing special or new on display here.

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