Losing her father at a young age, Lisaa (Anjali) is raised by her mother. After graduating, Lisaa decides to settle in the United States, but is upset that her mother will be alone. So he makes a unique plan to remarry his young mother. Lisa’s mother disagrees.

  Left with no choice, Lisaa goes to her grandparents’ village to recruit them too and convince their daughters to marry. After arriving at her ancestral village, Lisaa faces many problems. What’s wrong with that? and how it turns out is the entire story of the film.


  Anjali is amazing as Lisaa and gave a great performance. The way he showed emotions in the horror scenes was great. Surprisingly, Brahmanandam is quite good in this film and manages to get a few laughs here and there.

  The pre-interval episodes that showcase the horror effect look good. Interval bang creates a neat and decent effect. The climax is shown on an emotional note and it looks good on screen. Since the film is shot in 3D, the scare effects are well executed.


  The mainstream in the film is lacking in several areas. Except for some horror scenes, the rest of the proceedings are simple and boring. The director could have added more emotions but he missed the opportunity.

  Although Brahmanandam’s comedy track is good, it has nothing to do with the main story. Many scenes were added only to make the film look more commercial. The actual story enters into its main plot only in the second half and by then the audience is completely bored.


  The camera work in the film is top notch as the visuals are mesmerizing. The VFX done for the film is also impressive. The BGM was good and so was the Telugu dubbing. The production values ​​were good, but the editing was bad. As far as director Raju Vishwanath is concerned, he has done a bad job with the film. Rather than showing emotions and thrills, it wasted most of its time on comedy and unnecessary scenes that brought the film down in no time.


  All in all, Lisaa is a dull and stale horror thriller with nothing going right. Only a few thrills look good as they are rendered in 3D. Unnecessary scenes, forced comedy, dull story create a tiring effect on the audience. Even Anjali’s standout performance does not save the film as it is very routine and boring.

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